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2 facing drug charges following traffic stop in North Carolina

Law enforcement agencies across the country make use of K-9 units to detect the presence of illegal narcotics in a variety of scenarios. In traffic stops, these units may perform an open air search of a vehicle, and many individuals have been accused of a crime under similar circumstances. Two women have recently been arrested and are now facing drug charges after a recent traffic stop in North Carolina.

Search of home in North Carolina leads to drug charges for 1

When individuals file complaints indicating the possible presence of drug activity nearby, an investigation in the matter may ensue. If police claim to uncover illegal narcotics during a search of the home, those who reside within may face criminal accusations. An individual has recently been arrested and accused of drug crimes after authorities allegedly uncovered a substantial amount of marijuana at a home in North Carolina.

1 facing drug charges after allegedly attempting to flee by water

Being questioned by authorities in relation to suspicious activity can be a stressful and intimidating process. However, attempting to evade a similar process may only make matters worse, potentially giving officers reason to suspect wrongdoing. A 20-year-old man is facing drug charges after allegedly jumping into the water and swimming away during a routine traffic stop in North Carolina.

Can having a joint land me in the joint?

Drug crimes are something that the state of North Carolina takes pretty seriously. However, when it comes to marijuana, the state has been a little more lenient when it comes to penalties, at least in cases of simple possession -- such as the police finding you with a joint on your person, in your car or in your home.

North Carolina man facing multiple drug charges following search

There are numerous circumstances in which an individual might be accused of a drug-related crime. Should an arrest occur in relation to the search of a residence, one may benefit from having a general understanding of his or her rights. A 25-year-old man may be focusing on his defense after he was recently arrested and accused of multiple drug charges following the search of a home in North Carolina.

3 facing multiple drug charges following search of residence

A conviction for drug-related crimes can have a significant impact on various areas of life, personal and professional alike. Simply being accused of a similar crime can be stressful and intimidating, potentially leaving a person to wonder what comes next. Three individuals have recently been arrested and each are facing multiple drug charges after the recent search of a residence in North Carolina.

Reports of gunfire lead to drug charges for North Carolina man

Authorities have initiated the search of countless residences following reports of criminal activity. Many individuals have been arrested and accused of drug-related crimes under similar circumstances throughout the years. A 19-year-old man in North Carolina is reportedly facing multiple drug charges after police allegedly received a report of gunfire from within a local residence.

North Carolina woman facing multiple drug charges

Those accused of drug-related crimes such as drug trafficking face severe penalties if a conviction is obtained. The potential consequences for drug charges of this nature are serious and can have a significant impact on numerous areas of life. A North Carolina woman was arrested and is facing similar charges following the recent search of a residence.

1 facing multiple drug charges after undercover investigation

Countless individuals in North Carolina and elsewhere have been the subject of an undercover investigation over the years. These investigations are often undertaken with the intent of reducing the flow of illegal drugs. A 53-year-old man has recently been arrested on two separate occasions, and is now facing multiple drug charges in relation to both incidents.

Sessions: Prosecutors are to seek mandatory minimum drug sentences

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a policy memo on Friday directing all federal prosecutors to seek "a reasonable sentence" under the federal sentencing guidelines as currently written. This includes seeking mandatory minimum sentences in all drug cases, including marijuana prosecutions.

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