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Teacher accused of DWI following alleged evasion of arrest

Attempting to evade a traffic stop can increase suspicion of criminal activity. Individuals who try to avoid or outrun authorities while driving often face severe consequences and additional charges after the chase ends. A teacher is now facing multiple charges, in addition to DWI accusations, after an alleged police chase in North Carolina.

3 ways states are challenging asset forfeiture laws

Being accused of criminal conduct like embezzlement can be enormously upsetting, particularly if you have never been in trouble with the law before. There are many difficult lessons you can wind up learning, including the fact that police can seize your money or property if they believe it is tied to criminal activity.

Sessions: Prosecutors are to seek mandatory minimum drug sentences

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a policy memo on Friday directing all federal prosecutors to seek "a reasonable sentence" under the federal sentencing guidelines as currently written. This includes seeking mandatory minimum sentences in all drug cases, including marijuana prosecutions.

Motorist rights at DWI checkpoints

It's Thursday night at 10 p.m., and you're ready to go home. A few hours earlier, your co-workers invited to you to a happy hour to celebrate a long holiday weekend. Two drinks turned into dinner on the patio, which led to a few more drinks later, and now it's bedtime. You think you're good to drive, but on the highway home, you see traffic ahead of you backed up for a half a mile. Why? Ahead of the jam is a site that makes your heart sink - a DWI checkpoint. Are you sure you'll pass the test?

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