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North Carolina woman accused of credit card fraud

Most people in North Carolina are aware of the potential of becoming victims of credit card fraud. Unfortunately, when a credit card is used frequently, many people ultimately end up with access to the owner of a card's personal information. Police believe they have discovered that a former animal hospital employee committed credit card fraud.

Don't cheat yourself out of a defense against tax fraud charges

North Carolina readers know that white collar crime charges are serious, and while these types of crimes typically lack a violent element, they can still lead to grave consequences. One of the most common types of white collar crime is tax fraud, a type of offense that can result in time in prison and other consequences if convicted.

North Carolina traffic stop leads to drug charges, among others

Almost all Americans are aware that the U.S. Constitution provides them legal protections if they are suspected of or charged with a crime. Because of the importance placed on these protections, it is sometimes difficult to fathom that a person's rights can be overlooked regarding something as simple as a police officer's allegations based on his or her sense of smell. Unfortunately, a North Carolina man now faces drug charges after police say they could smell marijuana, prompting a search.

North Carolina dad faces DWI accusations following crash

Even a person driving on a quiet road in a vehicle with no passengers can face serious distractions, potentially resulting in a car accident. When there are children involved, it is understandable that a driver has even more distractions. The simple act of handing a child a drink, for example, could have serious implications. Unfortunately, police in North Carolina believe that a man was actually under the influence when he was involved in an accident that injured his young children; he now faces accusations of DWI.

Winston-Salem accident causes personal injury

While most drivers are likely aware of the potential of being involved in a traffic accident, there is often little they can do in certain instances to avoid the negligent acts of others. In fact, on certain roadways in Winston-Salem, there is only a painted line that prevents drivers from crossing into oncoming traffic. Unfortunately, a recent crash has sent three people to the hospital and could potentially lead to a personal injury lawsuit.

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