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Is a DWI a misdemeanor or felony offense?

If you have found yourself facing a criminal charge, you are likely to have a lot of questions about what it all means and what consequences you may face if convicted. It is okay. You can get all of your questions answered. When it comes to DWI in particular, North Carolina lays it all out so that people know what to expect based on the type of charges filed against them. 

Police say woman committed fraud, filed over 200 false claims

The criminal codes of each state, including in North Carolina, establish various so-called "white-collar" crimes, including a category of statutory offenses that are modern variations on the traditional crimes of larceny and theft. These statutory offenses often incorporate concepts of criminal fraud. That is why criminal fraud is sometimes defined as larceny by false pretenses or larceny by trick.

DWI, other charges filed after North Carolina crash

When driving on a North Carolina interstate in the dark, it may be relatively easy for some drivers to accidentally overlook a merging vehicle. Unfortunately, an accident has recently sent multiple people to the hospital. Additionally, one of the drivers involved faces multiple criminal charges, including DWI.

Elderly North Carolina man killed in speed-related car crash

When a person just receives a driver's license, there is often much he or she must still learn through the experience of driving. Unfortunately, basic rules, such as following the speed limit, must be obeyed at all times. A recent car crash in North Carolina points to the importance of doing so.

North Carolina man faces multiple drug charges

The United States Constitution provides a variety of protections to those in the country. While most people have a basic understanding of the rights they have as a result, many in North Carolina and across the country might have difficulty recognizing a violation of their rights. As a result, those facing drug charges -- among others -- may opt to seek professional assistance when responding to the claims against them.

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