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North Carolina police officer indicted on DWI charge

Police officers dedicate a great deal of their time and energy to protecting the lives of others. In fact, some even give their lives to help others. Unfortunately, they can also become recipients of criminal charges. In fact, a police officer in North Carolina was recently indicted on DWI charges, in addition to other accusations.

Sideswipping incident results in DWI charge in North Carolina

Anyone who has ever driven has likely had an experience where they drifted slightly out of their lane. While this is often innocuous if the lane is empty, the situation can become complicated if such an oversight results in contact between two vehicles. In fact, a woman in North Carolina has recently been charged with DWI after such an incident.

North Carolina woman accused of DWI after rollover crash

It only takes a split second. A single moment of inattention can result in a car accident with serious consequences. Though accidents happen every day in North Carolina for a variety of different reasons, it may be easy for police to assume that the cause of an accident was related to a driver who was under the influence of alcohol. In fact, a woman has recently been charged with DWI following an accident that sent her to the hospital.

North Carolina moped crash leads to DWI charge

There are a variety of different ways to legally use North Carolina roadways. While many people may automatically think of cars and trucks when they consider personal transportation vehicles, there are some people who opt for a moped because they are less expensive and better for the environment. Unfortunately, one man who chose such a mode of transportation now faces an accusation of DWI.

DWI charge follows North Carolina Waffle House crash

Car accidents happen every day in North Carolina and across the country. Despite the precautions that most drivers take, a single moment of inattention could be enough to cause an accident. Unfortunately, it may be easy to assume the worst in certain crashes, such as that the driver was under the influence of alcohol. In fact, a woman was recently charged with DWI after she was apparently involved in a crash.

North Carolina woman charged with DWI following crash

Drivers across the country face multiple distractions while they are driving. Something as simple as a dropped item could potentially cause a person to swerve across his or her lane of traffic while attempting to retrieve it. Unfortunately, doing so could also create suspicion that the person is DWI. In fact, a woman in North Carolina now faces such allegations following a traffic accident that sent her to the hospital.

Teen charged with DWI following fatal North Carolina accident

At this time of year, most 17-year-olds are looking forward to what their last years of high school will hold and what their future will look like. For many, this includes prom dates and college applications. However, one teenager from a neighboring state is now likely wondering about his criminal defense after a fatal accident in North Carolina resulted in a DWI charge.

Recently elected North Carolina mayor accused of DWI

There are many moments in life that people like to celebrate. The news that a person has recently won an election may be a reason for some. However, police in North Carolina claim that a man who had recently won a mayoral election was driving under the influence, resulting in his arrest and subsequent charges of DWI.

DWI, other charges filed after North Carolina crash

When driving on a North Carolina interstate in the dark, it may be relatively easy for some drivers to accidentally overlook a merging vehicle. Unfortunately, an accident has recently sent multiple people to the hospital. Additionally, one of the drivers involved faces multiple criminal charges, including DWI.

North Carolina dad faces DWI accusations following crash

Even a person driving on a quiet road in a vehicle with no passengers can face serious distractions, potentially resulting in a car accident. When there are children involved, it is understandable that a driver has even more distractions. The simple act of handing a child a drink, for example, could have serious implications. Unfortunately, police in North Carolina believe that a man was actually under the influence when he was involved in an accident that injured his young children; he now faces accusations of DWI.

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