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Vigorous Defense For The Most Serious Cases

Every defense should begin with a plan on how the case will be tried in front of a jury or judge. With that plan in mind, the strategy starts vigorous and early in the process. In North Carolina, a first-degree murder conviction carries with it the possibility of a death sentence. The stakes are never higher than when your own life is at risk. When you are up against the most serious of criminal charges, you require the strongest possible criminal defense. We have a solid reputation of defending clients against first- and second-degree murder charges, felony murder, vehicular manslaughter, and voluntary and involuntary manslaughter charges. Our trial attorneys have been on both sides of the aisle, prosecuting and defending serious criminal charges for decades. We take on the defense of numerous homicide cases each year. If you are charged with murder, trust your defense to the tough trial attorneys at Grace, Tisdale & Clifton P.A.

You Need To Assert All Applicable Defenses

A solid defense to a murder charge includes considering all possible legal defenses, including actual innocence. Other possible defenses include mistaken identity, self-defense and insanity. It may be possible to set forth a defense of killing in the heat of passion which could result in a lesser charge or conviction. Lawyers with a long history of representing murder defendants have the knowledge to develop these defenses and evaluate your potential options. Different manslaughter charges also have defenses that may be asserted such as self-defense or genuine accident. In addition, there may be mitigating circumstances or situations which require analysis by your lawyer. You may very likely need to pursue an appeal if the trial results in a conviction. If you are planning on appeal, then you need attorneys experienced with preserving appellate issues throughout the process and at trial and then successfully appealing cases.

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