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DWI And Traffic Convictions Have Serious Consequences

All too often, normally law-abiding citizens find themselves faced with a traffic offense or even a DWI charge. These charges can have serious repercussions, including license suspension or revocation, confiscation of your car, a permanent criminal record and jail time. Often people do not realize there are other ways drunk driving or a traffic violation can affect your life. For example, insurance rates may go up, an insurance carrier may decline to continue your coverage, you may face a loss of security clearance, loss of employment or denial of employment. You are taking a serious risk if you minimize the impact a conviction may have on your life. A seasoned lawyer can counsel you through the courtroom procedure, help you understand the potential collateral consequences and work to protect your driving and criminal record.

Major Traffic Violations Are A Criminal Offense

A DWI and many major traffic offenses such as reckless driving or a hit and run, are criminal offenses in North Carolina, which end up on your permanent record if convicted. While an expungement of your record may be an option in some circumstances, it is not always possible. The best course of action is to hire an experienced law firm to protect your record. At Grace, Tisdale & Clifton P.A., our accomplished attorneys handle DWI and other major traffic violation cases every day.

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