Off-Duty Officer Facing Dwi Charges After Routine Traffic Stop

Being involved in a routine traffic stop for a speeding violation can be a daunting experience. The situation may only increase in severity should authorities become suspicious of the presence of further wrongdoing. An off-duty police officer has reportedly been taken into custody and accused of DWI following a recent traffic stop under similar circumstances in North Carolina.

According to reports, authorities initiated a traffic stop just after 5 p.m. on a recent Saturday after allegedly catching a vehicle traveling more than 15 mph over the speed limit. The driver of the vehicle was reportedly a State Capital Police officer who was off-duty at the time and was still wearing her uniform. During this period, the woman submitted to a breath test, which allegedly indicated her blood alcohol content to be just over the legal limit to operate a vehicle.

It is unclear what led authorities to become suspicious of the presence of intoxication. The woman was taken into custody soon thereafter and charged with DWI, and her vehicle was also impounded in the process. A conviction for similar charges carries severe consequences, and she has already been placed on administrative duty while awaiting further legal proceedings.

Individuals who face DWI charges may find it beneficial to prepare for what comes next by focusing on their defense. Since this can be complex, one could consider consulting with a defense attorney for guidance in the early stages of the process. An attorney can thoroughly examine the situation and provide a client in North Carolina with assistance in pursuing the most favorable outcome achievable during subsequent court proceedings.

Source:, "Off-duty State Capitol Police officer arrested for DWI in Johnston County", Dec. 4, 2017