North Carolina Woman Facing Multiple Drug Charges

Those accused of drug-related crimes such as drug trafficking face severe penalties if a conviction is obtained. The potential consequences for drug charges of this nature are serious and can have a significant impact on numerous areas of life. A North Carolina woman was arrested and is facing similar charges following the recent search of a residence.

According to authorities, the woman was the subject of an ongoing investigation, apparently culminating in the search of a local residence. During the search, police claim to have discovered over 6 pounds of marijuana, along with unspecified amounts and types of drug paraphernalia. Allegedly, around 7 gallons of moonshine, numerous firearms and a large amount of cash were also located in the process.

It is unclear how the woman came to be under investigation or what might have led to the execution of a search warrant. She was taken into custody shortly thereafter and is reportedly facing multiple charges, including drug trafficking and maintaining a drug dwelling. Similar charges carry severe consequences, and if convicted, she would likely be facing a lengthy prison term in addition to various other penalties that could have a detrimental impact on her future.

Individuals who are facing drug charges often choose to prepare for the road ahead by focusing on their defense. However, the process can seem somewhat intimidating and overwhelming, and seeking assistance in the early stages is often advisable. By retaining the services of an experienced defense attorney, a client in North Carolina could obtain information on the potential consequences and outcomes of the charges, as well as guidance regarding the best course of action to take moving forward.

Source:, "North Carolina woman charged in marijuana, moonshine bust", June 29, 2017