Former Sheriff's Captain Arrested and Accused of Embezzlement

When accused of a crime, many individuals find the process to be stressful and intimidating. Criminal allegations are taken seriously, perhaps especially when concerning individuals within law enforcement. A former captain at a sheriff's office in Georgia has been arrested and accused of embezzlement after he allegedly stole money from an evidence safe.

According to reports, a local sheriff requested an investigation after noticing certain discrepancies in the office. The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation was apparently called in to look into the matter, which eventually led to charges against a captain within the office. He was arrested and accused of stealing as much as $3,500 from the safe, and is now facing felony embezzlement charges.

He has reportedly been released on bond while awaiting court proceedings. Charges of this nature are severe, and if convicted, he could be looking at a lengthy prison term, as well as the possibility of being held responsible for the restoration of the amount allegedly stolen. A conviction would also have an impact on his ability to obtain employment within a similar field in the future.

Those who are facing criminal charges such as embezzlement might find it beneficial to seek guidance as soon as possible. By speaking with a defense attorney, an accused individual may be able to obtain advice on making informed decisions throughout the process. An attorney in North Carolina can examine the charges and evidence against a client and provide advice on the best course of action to take moving forward. If a conviction is unavoidable, an attorney can assist him or her in pursuing the best outcome possible given the circumstances.

Source:, "Former Columbus County Sheriff's captain charged with stealing money from evidence safe", June 9, 2017