Seeking Guidance in Civil Litigation Following a Fatal Collision

Losing a loved one in a tragic accident can be difficult to accept, especially if another party is deemed at fault. With prevalent causes such as drunken and distracted driving, car accidents are a common occurrence, many of which have devastating consequences. Families of victims in North Carolina who are in fatal collisions often choose to seek compensation for their loss, potentially prompting a need for assistance during subsequent litigation.

A two-car collision that took place just before daybreak on a recent Monday claimed the life of a 28-year-old woman. According to police, another vehicle crossed into the oncoming lane and hit her vehicle head-on. While the other driver was rushed to the hospital following the crash and is reportedly in critical condition, the woman was unfortunately pronounced dead at the scene.

An investigation into the incident is reportedly still underway, likely to determine why the driver might have veered into the wrong lane. Those who are involved in a similar situation might find it challenging to react in time to avoid collision, and they are often left to suffer the consequences. If the other party is deemed at fault in the accident, the victim's surviving family members might seek to hold the other motorist accountable through the civil justice system.

Along with the emotional grief of such a loss, a potential loss of income and end-of-life expenses can place a family under significant financial burdens. Civil litigation can be complex, and families in North Carolina often seek assistance from an experienced attorney for assistance in the process. An attorney can assist a client in pursuing the full amount of compensation to which he or she is entitled through a wrongful death claim.

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