Serious Collision Leads to Dwi Charges for 1 in North Carolina

Being involved in a serious collision can be a stressful process, and may only grow more challenging should it lead to allegations of a crime. When others are injured in the accident, police may be more inclined to suspect the presence of wrong-doing. A person is facing DWI charges following a recent accident in North Carolina involving a pickup truck and a tractor-trailer.

According to reports, the incident occurred as the tractor-trailer was attempting to make a left turn. While negotiating the turn, police say the pickup truck struck the semi and was forced into an oncoming lane. A third vehicle was apparently unable to avoid collision, and struck the pickup before spinning off the side of the road. The driver of the pickup and the third vehicle were both injured in the process and rushed to a hospital for treatment.

Police initiated an investigation into the accident, and claim the driver of the pickup truck was traveling at a high rate of speed and could not avoid the semi. Although it is unclear if field sobriety or breath test were conducted, this individual has also been charged with driving while intoxicated. A conviction for DWI is serious in nature, and he or she could currently be preparing for legal proceedings by focusing on forming a strong defense.

Facing DWI charges can be an intimidating process, but an individual doesn't have to go through it alone. By speaking with a defense attorney, a client in North Carolina could obtain some much-needed guidance on the best course of action with which to proceed. An attorney can thoroughly evaluate the situation and work toward helping a client pursue the best outcome possible given the situation.

Source:, "Driver charged with DWI after 3-truck collision in Johnston County", Oct. 16, 2017