Dwi, Other Charges Filed After North Carolina Crash

When driving on a North Carolina interstate in the dark, it may be relatively easy for some drivers to accidentally overlook a merging vehicle. Unfortunately, an accident has recently sent multiple people to the hospital. Additionally, one of the drivers involved faces multiple criminal charges, including DWI.

The incident that led to a 22-year-old man's arrest is said to have happened on a day in early April. Police claim that the vehicle the man was driving struck a van that was merging onto I-74. His vehicle, according to reports, slid under the van.

Six people were ultimately sent to the hospital following the crash. Though none of the injuries suffered are considered life-threatening, state troopers indicated that the driver of the first vehicle may have still been hospitalized days after the collision. He now faces multiple charges as a result of the incident, including careless and reckless driving, child endangerment and DWI. Law enforcement officials are reportedly investigating claims that the man was racing another vehicle at the time of the accident; additional charges are possible.

While an accident such as this is often concerning, there are often more factors at play than what immediately meets the eye. It is unclear what led North Carolina police to believe that the man was under the influence and what evidence supports the charges against him. Regardless, the man may be unsure of his legal options following his arrest and could choose to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to help him respond to the DWI and other charges filed against him.

Source: wxii12.com, "Six people, including a child, in the hospital after crash on highway", April 3, 2018