North Carolina Man's Farmers' Coop Said to Be Fraud

People in North Carolina often think of ways to help others, potentially including creating cooperatives that are dedicated to benefiting those who contribute. Unfortunately, sometimes people's plans go awry or take longer than expected to implement. In fact, a man was recently arrested after someone raised suspicions of fraud.

The case involves a 45-year-old man. Reports indicate that the man created an organization called the All-American Agricultural Association. As part of it, he allegedly visited several different counties in North Carolina, convincing farmers to contribute $500 to the cooperative. According to a social media page for the AAAA, the funds are dedicated to "returning prosperity" to independent farmers.

However, reports indicate that someone notified authorities in March 2017 that the man might be committing fraud. An investigation ensued, and the suspect was arrested after police claimed that he  used the money for other purposes. It is unclear what police believe the man spent the money on. He is charged with three counts of embezzlement, a felony.

The details of the case are unclear, but cases involving accusations of fraud and embezzlement are often complicated. Unfortunately, a conviction of such charges often has serious consequences. Regardless of the claims made by law enforcement officials, a person is presumed not guilty unless there is sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt -- a standard that is often difficult to meet. To help those accused of crimes in North Carolina respond to the charges against them, many defendants benefit from assistance from an experienced criminal defense professional.