North Carolina Woman Faces Drug Charges After Search

People facing criminal charges often have to make difficult decisions. In all cases, defendants are left wondering how to best respond to the charges against them. Unfortunately, a woman in North Carolina is likely left with concerns about her defense after her recent arrest on drug charges.

While reports detail many of the charges against the woman, it is unclear how she first came to the attention of police officers. The 30-year-old woman was originally arrested in January after police obtained a search warrant. Both she and a man were charged with various drug charges following that search. The woman was released after she posted bail in March.

However, police reportedly conducted another search of her home on a day in mid-August. Police say that they discovered methamphetamine valued at approximately $58,000 in addition to $5,000 in cash, marijuana, a rifle and drug paraphernalia. She faces charges of possession and maintaining a drug dwelling, felony trafficking methamphetamine by manufacturing and possession of drug paraphernalia charges.

Reports indicate that the sheriff's department has seized a record amount of methamphetamine this year, seeming to indicate an emphasis on seizure of the drug. Unfortunately, such a focus can often result in an emphasis on conviction and showing progress rather than dispensing justice. Because of the seriousness of the drug charges the North Carolina woman faces, she may want an experienced professional on her side as she navigates the criminal justice system. By hiring such a person, those facing criminal charges may feel less stress knowing that there is someone fighting on their behalf.