Prison Sergeant in North Carolina Faces Drug Charges

Many people in North Carolina and across the country have difficult jobs. Often, such as in the case of those who work in the prison system, these jobs are thankless and could even result in them being suspected of a crime. Unfortunately, one woman who was a sergeant in a prison now faces drug charges after officials say she smuggled drugs into the prison to inmates.

The woman charged in the case is 34 years old. A news release claims that she had been with the Department of Public Safety since 2015. Officials claim that the woman smuggled in marijuana and suboxone -- a drug used to alleviate withdrawal symptoms of opiates but that can itself lead to addiction.

Officials claim that the woman's arrest came as a result of an internal investigation. However, the department has declined to release any additional information, leaving many issues regarding the case unknown, including what specifically prompted the investigation. The woman now faces charges of felony possession of suboxone and marijuana, and felony conspiracy to deliver suboxone and marijuana.

The woman's arrest on drug charges comes following several reports published in a North Carolina newspaper detailing the drugs, gang violence and sex that occurs in state prisons. Often, reports such as these spur officials into action, prompting them to prove that they are taking certain issues seriously. Unfortunately, an attempt to show that progress is being made could result in accusations that are unfounded and not supported by evidence. To help respond to the charges against her, the woman may want an experienced criminal defense attorney to review her case.