Attempt to Provide Transportation Leads to Drug Charges for 2

Showing up to a correctional facility to provide a family member with a ride home may be considered by some as a kind gesture. However, even with the best of intentions at heart, doing so while allegedly in possession of illegal drugs is never advisable. Two men in North Carolina are reportedly facing drug charges after an incident said to have taken place under similar circumstances led to the search of their vehicle.

According to reports, the incident began when law enforcement agents allegedly noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from within a vehicle that was parked outside a local jail. The driver of the vehicle was reportedly waiting to provide transportation for a family member who was being released from the facility. Officers proceeded to search the vehicle soon thereafter and claim that this process unearthed a bag of marijuana and several doses of THC oil.

Both men were subsequently charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia shortly after the search. Each individual was reportedly released without having to post bond due to the fact that they signed agreements to appear in court at a later date. Charges of this nature carry serious consequences if a conviction is obtained, and without the necessary legal experience, individuals who face similar circumstances may be uncertain how best to handle the situation.

When facing drug charges, a person may wish to avoid unnecessary consequences, but he or she may be unsure where to turn for assistance in the process. Since the criminal justice system can be complex, one could consult with an experienced attorney for advice on the best course of action with which to proceed. An experienced attorney can evaluate the circumstances a client in North Carolina is facing and provide him or her with assistance throughout subsequent legal proceedings.

Source:, "'Overwhelming scent of marijuana' in car at Chatham jail leads to drug charges", Matthew Burns, Feb. 9, 2018