Former Employees of Loan Agency Accused of Embezzlement

In certain lines of work, employees are given the authority to oversee financial transactions on a daily basis. Should a company become suspicious that monetary assets are being mishandled, the subsequent search for answers could leave an employee facing allegations of embezzlement. Two former workers for a loan agency in North Carolina have been accused of conspiring with others to embezzle a substantial sum of money from the company.

The investigation began after the loan agency notified authorities of the possible presence of fraudulent financial activity. After looking into the matter further, police claim to have discovered evidence that indicated two employees at the agency had embezzled over $200,000. They assert that these individuals worked with several others to cash as many as 50 checks, some of which were allegedly written by using the personal information of others.

The nature of the information that led the company to suspect the presence of fraudulent activity remains unclear. Six individuals in total are facing charges in relation to the investigation. One of the employees stands accused of felony embezzlement and identity theft, and police are reportedly working to locate the other.

Felony embezzlement charges carry serious consequences, and with the potential weight of a conviction, those accused of similar crimes could find it beneficial to seek assistance as soon as possible. A defense attorney can help a person gain a better understanding of the situation and provide him or her with guidance on how best to proceed. An attorney can advise a client in North Carolina in making informed decisions throughout the process and provide assistance with any future legal proceedings associated with the charges.

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