Drinking and Driving: Not a Good Mix

If a North Carolina police officer pulls you over because he or she thinks you are drunk, the rest of that particular day and the rest of your foreseeable future may not go so well. Let's say you had a drink or two with friends on your way home from work. Does that mean you are committing a crime if you then get behind the wheel of your car to drive? The answer depends on several factors, including what your blood alcohol content happens to be at the time.

If you operate a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, you might cause a collision. In fact, a large percentage of fatal accidents every year in this state and others are alcohol-related incidents. There are other possible consequences of drunk driving as well. However, there are also many times where police err in their decisions to place drivers under arrest for suspected DUI. That's why it's good to know where to seek immediate support if it happens to you.

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Consequences of Drunk Driving

If you're 21 or older, you are most likely legally allowed to consume alcohol. Like all others who choose to do so, you're obligated to make responsible decisions concerning where you drink, with whom you share alcohol and what you do after it's in your system. The following list shows possible repercussions from driving after drinking alcoholic beverages:

  • Your cognitive abilities may be greatly impaired. Even if you believe you are thinking clearly, you may not be.
  • If you cause another person injury or worse, you may face serious emotional challenges for the rest of your life as you try to cope with the reality of the situation.
  • You not only risk a traffic stop, you may also face arrest, possible conviction, driver's license suspension or revocation, substantial fines and time in jail.
  • Your insurance costs may rise as well.

If a North Carolina police officer asks you to step out of your car, it's likely he or she thinks you are drunk and wants to further investigate the situation to determine if there is probable cause to arrest you. Remember that you have rights and can challenge any violation of your rights if you later face charges in court.

Getting Your Life Back on Track

If you're one of many North Carolina residents who suffers from alcohol addiction, you'll be glad to know there are many local resources available to help you overcome your substance abuse problem. There are also legal networks in place to provide support for you as you address the other issues associated with a DUI arrest.

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