North Carolina Brothers Face Drug Charges

It does not take much to raise someone's suspicions. A nosy, concerned neighbor could easily make the decision to notify police about activity that may ultimately be innocuous. Because of the relative ease of notifying police of a concern, a simple suspicion may not be sufficient to warrant a search by law enforcement officials. Unfortunately, three brothers now face drug charges in North Carolina.

The brothers, who are triplets and 21 years old, were reportedly living in high-end apartments in the downtown area of a North Carolina city. Apparently someone notified police that two of the brothers as well as "other individuals" had large amounts of drugs and cash. It is unclear who notified police or how they knew of the alleged drugs and cash.

Police say that they believe that one of the brothers purchased large quantities of fentanyl pills and Xanax bars on the dark web. Officers say that one of the brothers sold 1,000 counterfeit bars, allegedly Xanax, to a police informant. Of the three, one is charged with selling and delivering a Schedule IV drug and possessing it with the intent to manufacture, sell and distribute. The second is accused of conspiracy to commit those crimes.

Unfortunately, the drug charges leave the brothers facing decisions that will likely impact the rest of their lives. Most people in North Carolina are not prepared to make these decisions without professional assistance. With an experienced criminal defense attorney on their side, these young men can ensure they are fully informed about their options while also having someone who is willing to ensure they are treated lawfully throughout the criminal process.