DWI Charge Follows North Carolina Waffle House Crash

Car accidents happen every day in North Carolina and across the country. Despite the precautions that most drivers take, a single moment of inattention could be enough to cause an accident. Unfortunately, it may be easy to assume the worst in certain crashes, such as that the driver was under the influence of alcohol. In fact, a woman was recently charged with DWI after she was apparently involved in a crash.

The incident happened one evening on a day in mid-June. According to reports, the woman was driving a sports utility vehicle. The SUV allegedly struck a pedestrian who was crossing the street. The pedestrian, whose identity was not immediately released in the aftermath of the crash, reportedly suffered life-threatening injuries.

Unfortunately, police claim that the SUV then left the roadway, before jumping a curb and hitting a Waffle House. While police say the driver may have suffered minor injuries, no one inside the restaurant was injured. The driver now faces criminal charges, including careless and reckless driving while license revoked and DWI.

Many details regarding the accident are unclear, such as what police believe caused the vehicle to strike the pedestrian and whether he was crossing in a crosswalk or at an intersection. In some cases, drivers in North Carolina simply do not have enough time to react to something or someone unexpected in the roadway. Regardless of the DWI and other accusations the woman is facing, she is considered innocent until, and only if, proved otherwise. In order to obtain a conviction, prosecutors must provide sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.