Don't Cheat Yourself out of a Defense Against Tax Fraud Charges

North Carolina readers know that white collar crime charges are serious, and while these types of crimes typically lack a violent element, they can still lead to grave consequences. One of the most common types of white collar crime is tax fraud, a type of offense that can result in time in prison and other consequences if convicted.

You understand that defending yourself against charges of such crimes is crucial. If you are facing these charges, you would be wise to take quick action to develop a defense strategy that works for your individual situation. There is no time to lose in learning how to protect yourself and your long-term interests against these serious criminal charges.

Is it evasion or negligence?

The law recognizes the difference between tax fraud and tax negligence. There is a distinct difference between the two, and the consequences are considerably different as well. In most cases, the IRS is able to see when people are negligent in the preparation of their taxes and when they are intentionally evading their tax obligations. Income tax fraud can include the following:

  • Making false statements or fraudulent statements on tax forms
  • Attempting to evade paying taxes by any means
  • Purposefully failing to report all income on tax forms
  • Intentionally withholding information on tax forms
  • Willfully failing to pay taxes at the appropriate time or failing to file a return

If there are errors, yet there is no proof the person attempted to intentionally defraud the IRS, it will likely qualify as negligence. The taxpayer may have to pay a fine for inadvertent tax negligence.

Signs of tax fraud are quite serious, and they can lead to criminal charges that will change the course of your life. Some of the consequences for a conviction of this type of white collar crime include imprisonment and fines of $100,000 or more.

Your right to a defense

Regardless of the details of your case, you have the right to seek a strong defense and fight the charges against you. Your future is at stake, but with the right help, you may be able to confront charges of tax fraud, possibly avoid prison time and shield yourself against other unfortunate consequences.

It is overwhelming to face such serious charges, but you can better understand your defense options simply by seeking a complete evaluation of your case. This can help you move forward with confidence as you fight white collar crime charges and protect your rights.