Recently Elected North Carolina Mayor Accused of DWI

There are many moments in life that people like to celebrate. The news that a person has recently won an election may be a reason for some. However, police in North Carolina claim that a man who had recently won a mayoral election was driving under the influence, resulting in his arrest and subsequent charges of DWI.

The incident that led to the man's arrest reportedly happened on a day in early May. It involved a man who had recently won a North Carolina mayoral election. According to reports, he served the town as mayor upon appointment several years earlier. However, he lost an election in 2013. The most recent election was a repeat after a discrepancy was discovered in the 2017 election.

Police say that they received a tip about the man, though the details of that tip are unclear. After they allegedly saw him run off the side of the road, they apparently initiated a stop. As a result, he now faces multiple criminal charges. In addition to the allegation of DWI, he faces accusations of gun crimes, failing to stop for blue lights and sirens, and resisting arrest.

In addition to the content of the tip police officers received, there are many other details regarding the incident that remain clear, including the events leading up to accusations of resisting arrest and his blood alcohol content at the time of the accident. Unfortunately, those facing accusations of DWI, among others, in North Carolina often face difficult decisions. Because they may be unsure of the process of the criminal justice system, they may opt to consult with a professional who has experience with such cases.

Source:, "North Carolina mayor arrested on DWI, gun charges hours after election win", Kaitlyn Schallhorn, May 9, 2018