North Carolina Police Officer Indicted on DWI Charge

Police officers dedicate a great deal of their time and energy to protecting the lives of others. In fact, some even give their lives to help others. Unfortunately, they can also become recipients of criminal charges. In fact, a police officer in North Carolina was recently indicted on DWI charges, in addition to other accusations.

The incident that led to 24-year-old police officer's arrest occurred on a day mid-July. According to reports, another police officer initiated a stop during the early morning hours. The latter claimed that the driver -- who was off-duty at the time -- had glassy, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. The arresting officer also claims that the driver smelled strongly of alcohol.

Reports indicate that the driver's blood alcohol content was .12 at time time. He now faces charges of DWI, speeding and failing to maintain lane control. He was placed on administrative duty following the incident while the department investigates whether he violated professional standards; the status of that investigation is unclear.

As this case shows, an allegation of DWI can have significant consequences. While a conviction can result in criminal consequences, a charge is likely to also impact a person professionally. In many cases, defendants in North Carolina are unsure how to adequately respond to such allegations. As such, they ask an attorney with experience with such cases to guide them throughout the criminal process. Often fully understanding all of the available options and their potential outcomes can provide more confidence in the decisions that a person must make.