1 Facing Felony Fraud Charges Following Recent Investigation

Felony white collar crimes are serious in nature, and a conviction for similar charges carries consequences that could have a substantial impact on a person's life. Those accused of crimes such as fraud or embezzlement may wish to protect their futures, but the process can be challenging, potentially prompting a need for guidance. A 44-year-old investment adviser in North Carolina is now facing felony fraud charges, and he could be preparing for what comes next by focusing on his defense with guidance from an attorney.

The investigation reportedly began when a company the man owns became the subject of an investigation. Upon learning that the Securities and Exchange Commission intended to investigate his company, he allegedly attempted to have an information technology specialist assist in the removal of evidence. Authorities also claim he created fictitious financial records to assist in the explanation of certain transactions.

He has since been accused of fraud and faces numerous charges in relation to the investigation. Authorities claim the man has been defrauding clients for as many as eight years, and has obtained over $15 million in the process. They assert he allegedly sought to draw in clients by promising substantial yearly returns on their investments, and used their funds to pay back other clients while using certain amounts to fund his own endeavors.

Individuals who are accused of felony white collar crimes such as fraud may find it beneficial to seek guidance from a defense attorney in the early stages of the process. By speaking with an attorney, a client in North Carolina could obtain advice on the best course of action with which to proceed. Should a conviction be unavoidable, an attorney can assist in pursuing the most favorable outcome achievable given the circumstances.

Source: wral.com, "Raleigh investment adviser faces federal fraud charges in alleged Ponzi scheme", Dec. 20, 2017