North Carolina Moped Crash Leads to DWI Charge

There are a variety of different ways to legally use North Carolina roadways. While many people may automatically think of cars and trucks when they consider personal transportation vehicles, there are some people who opt for a moped because they are less expensive and better for the environment. Unfortunately, one man who chose such a mode of transportation now faces an accusation of DWI.

The incident that led to the man's arrest reportedly happened one evening on a day in mid-July. According to reports, police were called to an intersection in North Carolina for a single-vehicle crash. When police arrived, they reportedly discovered a 39-year-old man who had allegedly wrecked his moped.

Police say that the man admitted that he had been drinking. In addition to claiming that he smelled of alcohol, reports claim that he was unsteady, had red eyes and did not perform well on a field sobriety test. Police took him into custody.

In addition to charging him with DWI, police also reportedly confiscated his driver's license. While accusations of drunk driving are serious, the loss of a driver's license could have significant implications on a person's overall financial being. As such, many people in North Carolina facing such charges want a person with experience defending against such accusations fighting on their side to help ensure that their lives continue as normal as possible. Often, such a professional can help relieve some of the stress that is often experienced in such situations in addition to ensuring that a defendant is treated lawfully.