North Carolina Woman Accused of Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card Fraud in NC

Most are aware of the potential of becoming victims of credit card fraud. Unfortunately, when a credit card is used frequently, people ultimately end up with access to the card owner's information. Charges range from Class 1 felony-Class 2 misdemeanor, depending on the value stolen. Penalties may include jail time.

Police believe they have discovered that a former animal hospital employee committed credit card fraud.

The charges are against a 30-year-old woman. Police say that she used the personal and credit card information of pet owners who were clients of the animal hospital to make over 200 online purchases. Reports claim that the purchases totaled just under $12,000.

Many of the the purchases were from Amazon and allegedly included a cordless drill and Coach purses. It is unclear how the alleged fraud was discovered or how it was linked to the woman. She was terminated from her position in Dec. 2017. Police say that there were approximately 15 victims but advise any customers of the business who suspect fraudulent credit card activity to contact them. The woman is charged with obtaining property by false pretense and identity theft.

Many of the details regarding the case are unclear, including why police initially suspected the woman. In all criminal cases, including those involving allegations of fraud, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This standard is purposefully set high to prevent wrongful convictions and is often difficult to meet. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help this North Carolina woman examine the evidence against her and choose an appropriate criminal defense.

Source:, "NC veterinary employee used pet owners' credit cards to spend nearly $12,000, police say", Abbie Bennett, March 22, 2018